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Attorney Advertising: Website content for informational and educational purposes only and should not be substituted for speaking with an attorney.  All cases are different, and past results do not guarantee future outcomes. All fees must be finalized in writing and may vary based on the circumstances of a case.

Drugs and Weapons

The majority of criminal cases involve drugs or weapons possession. Sometimes, the prosecution will enhance the charges into Possession with Intent to Sell/Distribute and other similar charges designed to increase the potential sentences and to intimidate defendants into pleading guilty. Many drugs or weapons cases involve multiple defendants or federal charges, which presents more complicated issues.

Some of these cases can get dismissed because of illegal police searches, but only if an aggressive lawyer investigates the facts and argues the proper law. Many defendants complain about busy public defenders cutting fast deals to get rid of these cases. Ironically, the resulting penalties, seizures, and fines often will exceed the cost of a personal lawyer. Consequently, when protecting a client from these charges, the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua offers flat fees and flexible payment plans.

A personal lawyer, working with the client toward dismissal, can prepare a number of effective strategies. In some drugs cases, the lawyer can persuade the prosecutor and the judge to allow a person with a drug problem to attend a program in exchange for a dismissal. In other cases, the lawyer will argue that the police failed to conduct the proper tests or that the chemical analysis lead to contamination and mistakes. Additionally, the lawyer will argue that the weight of the drugs and the mixing agents fail to match up with the legal requirements of the charge.

In weapons cases, the lawyer will argue that a gun was not of the type prosecutable under felony law. In cases dealing with a knife, the lawyer will argue that the knife does not fit the legal requirement for a “gravity knife” or other dangerous weapon. The police have increased arrests for knife possession, including recent cases stemming from possession of a box-cutting razor used at a warehouse job.

A conviction for drugs or weapons can haunt a person long into the future.  A person may lose housing, employment, student loans, Medicaid, and other aid from the Department of Social Services.

Unfortunately, the wide range of charges and the harsh sentences give prosecutors a huge advantage, especially in cases with a large quantity of drugs or weapons. The prosecution only needs to prove knowing possession or knowing distribution to win a guilty verdict. Fortunately, an effective defense lawyer can argue the subtle legal distinctions and protect the client from an unjust conviction. The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua will always expose illegal police searches, move to suppress evidence, investigate all witnesses, and argue against the forensic tests by citing the most recent science.

A defendant should never settle for a quick plea to a top count.  Drugs and weapons cases may sound straightforward, but the most aggressive lawyers will use a number of simultaneous defense strategies before resorting to plea negotiations.  Do not gamble away a decade or more of your life!  In cases with multiple defendants, do not end up as the defendant with the worst lawyer.

“Ill-Gotten Gains”

In cases of drugs or weapons distribution, the government may confiscate a defendant’s money or assets and keep the “ill-gotten-gains” after a conviction. A defendant will need a lawyer to work closely with the prosecution to broker a reasonable solution.  Often, the government will settle for only a portion of the assets, allowing the client to keep the majority of the money, jewelry, or other valuable property.

The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua will treat a client's money and property as a priority until the government returns it.  Do not settle for a second-rate defense, and do not allow a law firm to drag out a case and charge huge hourly fees.  Contact the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua at (917) 656 - 7076 or bevelacqualaw@gmail.com and speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately about the flat fees in all drugs and weapons cases.