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Attorney Advertising: Website content for informational and educational purposes only and should not be substituted for speaking with an attorney.  All cases are different, and past results do not guarantee future outcomes. All fees must be finalized in writing and may vary based on the circumstances of a case.

Adam Bevelacqua - Attorney Profile

I graduated from Brooklyn Law School, and I am admitted to practice law in the New York state and federal courts. I litigate cases in the city, county, Supreme, and federal courts in all five boroughs and on Long Island. I also represent clients in appellate matters in the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals. And I have provided a second chance to convicted defendants through collateral proceedings and SORA modifications. I have worked with defendants as young as 12-years-old, and my time in Family Court also has helped me to protect the rights of parents from unfair government agencies.

Experience.  I have litigated the whole range of criminal cases, from violations to life-sentence felonies. I have written many original motions that have lead to suppression of bad evidence and preservation of legal error. I am one of an elite subset of attorneys in New York to argue a major criminal case before the Court of Appeals, which sets binding precedent that all other courts in the state must follow. (Most attorneys have never been able to bring a case before the Court of Appeals in their entire lives; the Court of Appeals only accepts a fraction of eligible cases.) I have won trials in cases that other attorneys have turned away as "losers." Bender's Guide to the Law published some of my legal research in a complex area of criminal law as a reference for other attorneys.

Style.  A professional courtroom presence and a skillful presentation of the facts also will affect the outcome of the case. I have litigated many high profile cases, including class A felonies and appeals, and I have provided my clients with protection from the media. When the District Attorney issues a sensationalised press release in a high profile case, I can use my media connections to combat their agenda. Most importantly, I am always prepared to take a case all the way to trial, if necessary.

A Personal Lawyer. A public defender or a law firm will place a new case onto an assembly line, and a randomly assigned lawyer will get to you when he gets to you. At the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua, I always maintain availability for clients and provide easy access at my office, the courthouses, or other locations. If I am in court, I will return all phone calls and emails when next available the same day—the client will speak to me, not to associates or secretaries. Many lawyers charge for the pleasure of their time by the minute. I believe that open communication is necessary for understanding a case, planning strategy, and negotiating with the prosecutor and judge for dismissal.

Limited Caseload.  I choose my cases and schedule -- I am not a public defender.  The Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua is an independent practice with total freedom. An overloaded lawyer at a firm or a public defenders office must work through hundreds of open cases at any given time, and this often results in only the bare minimum defense without research, investigation, negotiation, or regular contact with the client to prepare the strategy for hearings and trial. My reasonable caseload allows me to focus on each client and to carefully investigate each case.

A First Rate Defense Within Reach.  A poorly planned defense will result in a conviction or guilty plea, thousands of dollars in fines, or incarceration.  At the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua, a client can hire a first-rate lawyer with flat fees. A client only will pay for new services if the case progresses toward trial. If the case ends quickly, as 97% of routine cases will, the client will not pay for services not provided. It is hard to put a price on one's freedom and reputation. That said, a personal lawyer usually will cost less than the price of a fast guilty plea. It is a matter of paying now for a professional attorney or paying in the long-term to cope with the outcome of bad lawyering. Smart people pay for a good defense up front.

Use the free consultation at the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua to discuss the strongest defense, the best legal strategies, and payment options.

The government employs a huge team of law enforcement and prosecutors to force regular people into the criminal justice system. Do not settle for a second-rate defense! Contact the Law Office of Adam Bevelacqua at (917) 656 - 7076 or bevelacqualaw@gmail.com and speak to a criminal defense lawyer immediately.